Tammy Wallis

Dear Ellen and staff,
I have debated over and over the right words to say to you over how happy I am with your program. Nothing I can say can express how grateful I am to you for all the effort that has gone into creating such a complete all round program. After removing my children from the school system part way through the year to homeschool, I was overwhelmed, stressed and did not know where to begin. Being able to turn to your program, in it’s week by week lesson format, complete with worksheets, youtube links, creative hands on ideas that I could just never think up or have the time to scour the internet for has been invaluable to me and has brought the joy back to learning for my children and given me the confidence that I can facilitate my childrens learning. I know that it is in line with the Education Department and that I am ticking the boxes. I just can’t thank you enough.
Kind regards Tammy Wallis mum to Akira and Ahliyah Flatman