Can I start home schooling at any time throughout the year?

Yes, you can start any Grade at any Term, at any time. We have new families starting every day. You do not have to follow school Term dates.

Do I have to know how to teach my children before I start?

No, the Complete Education Australia Programs have been carefully written by qualified teachers to ensure all content is available. All the instructions and knowledge that your child will need to complete each learning activity is included.

Are my children learning the Australian Curriculum?

Yes. Every grade program has been designed to cover the entire Australian curriculum in a creative and innovative way. The work samples that are suggested and collected throughout the year will combine to form a great resource that demonstrates the meeting of all the curriculum requirements.

Which subjects are covered?

Each grade covers the subject areas required by the Department of Education, in the Australian Curriculum:

Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Geography, Economics/business, Civics/citizenship), The Arts (Drama, Dance, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Technologies (Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies) Health and Physical Education, and Languages.

Do you offer flexible payment options?
Yes we do. You can purchase any full year using Direct Debits over either 30 weekly payments, or 15 fortnightly payments. Using direct debit you still have access to the full year discount listed below.

How much does it cost?

Foundation to Grade 6: $160.00 per term, per student.
High School
Grade 7: $170.00 per term, per student.
Grade 8: $180.00 per term, per student.
Grade 9: $190.00 per term, per student.
Language (Babbel): $70 for 6 Month subscription

This price includes FREE memberships to Mathletics, Skwirk, Literacy Planet and the Complete Education Grade Program for the term. Membership details will be emailed to you after purchasing a term.

Are there discounts for buying a full year?
Yes there are. With any full year purchase you will receive $75 off the purchase price!

How will I know if my child is learning?

Each week your child will complete tasks that are designed to show their understanding of concepts that are being presented. Hands on activities and work samples are perfect opportunities for you as a parent to gauge their grasp of new concepts. If you notice your child has not fully understood the new information, simply repeat the activity.

Is there any special equipment required?

No. The activities presented use the type of resources that are available at any supermarket or stationary store. Each week starts with an outline of the resources that will be needed for the upcoming week.

Can we individualise the program?

We are dedicated to ensuring the program is a great fit for every child. We do this by adding particular subjects as needed.

Begin by downloading and looking at the free week sample online. This will help you select the core Grade for your child. Then, we can add a higher or lower Grade subject as required. For example, if your child is in Grade 4 as a core Grade but needs extra support in English, we can add Grade 3 English (valued at $50) free of charge to your program. If however your child requires extra extension, we can supply Grade 5 English (valued at $50) free of charge. We are very flexible and you can adjust the core Grade at the end of any Term.

How long per day will the program take?

The time each child spends on learning activities will vary. There is no hard and fast rule. The program outlines the number of lessons for each subject, each week, and allows families to write up a timetable that suits their personal needs.

We ensure that our program leaves plenty of room in each day to pursue activities that the student has a desire or talent for. Our program is designed to be a part of family time, not separate from it.

What support is available?

We provide online support by qualified teachers. We are here to guide you and your child through their learning adventure.

What happens after Grade 10?

We will not be providing Grade 11 and 12. We find that completing Grade 10 via home education and then moving into TAFE to complete a Cert 3 or 4 in a chosen field to be far more beneficial. This allows direct entry into University and in most cases credit for many first year subjects. 

The result is that your child is not only able to enter university earlier, but often has a lighter workload, and a better grounding of the subject matter than those coming from school. There are other options where the university runs their own entry college programs. These accept home educated students

Be assured your children actually have an advantage being home educated, when it comes to higher learning and opportunities. 

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, simply go to the relevant grade and download the first week FREE!

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