Andy & Tanya F

We always knew we’d homeschool our daughter right from the start, so I began experimenting with various styles with her from a young age. The amount of time & effort required to source information was daunting to say the least! I honestly thought that teachers received a guide book to tell them what to teach & when to teach it so you can imagine my dismay when I discovered this was not the case. I fumbled my way through until finally I came across exactly what I had been searching for; Complete Education Australia. This comprehensive program has been such a relief to find, it truly was my EUREKA moment! Now I can get on with the pleasure of homeschooling my child, confident in the fact that all her educational needs are being catered for within the Australian Curriculum. I don’t feel alone anymore & love the invaluable support that Amanda & Ellen provide. I thoroughly recommend the Complete Education Australia program to everyone.

Kind Regards,

Andy & Tanya Filak