Grade 6

Grade 6

Grade 6 is a wonderful stage, as students become more mature and their individual gifts and talents are blossoming. Allowing students to explore, investigate and discover answers to questions they pose from their learning, is the key to our Grade 6 program. The activities themselves serve as a springboard for this stage, as one lesson may lead to a fascination in a particular topic that can be followed. Encouraging risk-taking and promoting personal opinions on learning is vital to allow the growth that young minds need to thrive.

English: Grade 6 provides the students with the chance to examine a novel that causes reflection and interest in equality. “The Cay” provides the background for many interesting discussions on trust, racism and equality. Learning about English text structure including imagery and story plot, become relevant and meaningful in this context. The student becomes invested in their own display that is built throughout the term. Various methods of learning are encouraged, including writing newspaper articles, role-play, and cooking, to reflect learning based on the novel.

Mathematics: Grade 6 math is a hands-on continuation of math principles the students have learnt in the younger grades. The focus is on presenting each topic in a relevant, enjoyable and meaningful way. With the addition of the multi-grade, online program, Mathletics, students can not only work on the Grade 6 program but extend themselves or catch up on any math aspects they need revision on. Math is best taught as an exciting opportunity to learn more about our world.

Science: Our Grade 6 science program features weekly hands-on experiments on “matter”. Students discover the properties of various materials and how/why they are used. The focus on scientific enquiry is outlined, allowing students to hypothesise and then develop experiments to test their hypothesis.

Geography: Research and understanding of the continent of Asia is part of the geography journey that Complete Education Australia facilitates. Learning about culture, climate, tourism, resources and trade between Asia and Australia, allows the student to have a greater understanding of our countries’ relationship with others.

PDHPE: In health, the students receive challenge questions to discuss with the family, and research. A good understanding of the way the human body works allows healthy choices to be made. PE lessons are a time of great enjoyment, and allow the student to do some fun structured exercise.

Art: An exciting variety of visual art opportunities are presented in Grade 6. Through various art methods, students can experiment and develop their own style of artwork. By analysing artists’ work, both contemporary and classic, students gain valuable insight into what art is, and can inspire new ideas for their own artwork.

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