Foundation children are enthusiastic and passionate learners. By the time your child has reached kindergarten, he or she is an expert at discovering how things work and their inquisitive nature provides a natural determination to learn. This is the perfect time to provide them with learning activities that will unlock the world of reading, researching and inventing. Our program is based around hands-on lessons. These activities are supported by carefully selected online learning activities, which will allow your child another opportunity to visualise and use new concepts.

English: Our Foundation program clearly outlines a step-by-step method of presenting sounds, sight-words and literature, to allow your child to begin the process of learning to read with confidence.

Mathematics: Our math program is based on hands-on activities that help children grasp a clear mathematical understanding.

Science: Science lessons are designed to not only relate directly to the world they live in, but encourage the child to think about their part in the world around them.

Humanities and Social Science: By examining subjects such as the history of their family, geography of Australia and the life of early Australians, your child will gain an insight into their own history and the life of people in times gone by.

PDHPE: Learning about Physical Development, Health and Physical Education is important for everyone. By discovering about making healthy eating choices and gaining an understanding of how the various body systems work, your kindergarten child will gain valuable insight into their own lives.

The Arts: All children are naturally creative and thrive when learning through creativity. Art, drama, music and dance have been woven throughout each subject area as part of the learning opportunities.

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